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Advantages in using XPS

Advantages in using extruded polystyrene for outdoor wall thermal insulation (in enveloping buildings)

• High compressive strength – will resist horizontal loads
• Due to their dimensional stability the boards are a durable and stable long-term solution, well suited for building fronts
• High traction resistance
• Because it does not absorb water, eventual workmanship faults will not influence the material
• Optimum water vapour diffusion resistance allows trapped humidity to escape
• Homogenous closed-cell structure ensures superior long-term insulation
• Grout and plaster have good adherence to the extruded polysterene
• High adherence by plasters binding with the rough surface of the polystyrene
• Easy application – boards can be cut without producing waste
• No wear, no tear
• Can be installed in almost any weather due to its physical qualities and the simple and rapid labour involved.