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GIAS XPS extruded polystyrene with improved insulating poperties due to graphite

   Briotherm is the only Romanian company that markets the graphite insulation with a 20% improvement in the λ value over our competitors.
This qualitative advance has been made possible through the dispersion of graphite particles in the extruded polysterene, yielding a stronger product that absorbs heat and effectively reflects it, as a mirror would do light.
   Including carbon as a composite in polystyrene has been the natural progression, after the discovery of the many qualities of graphite. Graphite was initially included as part of the structure of extruded polystyrene in 1995 and was then included as a composite in XPS boards. You can tell a GIAS Grafit XPS board straight away due to its grey, carbon-like colour.
   Owing to its performance as a good thermal insulator as it is treated with an infrared radiation absorbing solution, the thickness of the extruded polystyrene can be appropriately reduced. As such, the GIAS Grafit XPS is particularly suited to be used for insulating interior walls and not just the exterior ones, insulating floors and ceilings but also ideal for using in sandwich type walls or for eliminating thermal bridges that can form in constrained spaces. The GIAS Grafit XPS board cells trap air during manufacture and that contributes to attaining the proven qualities of polystyrene that offer distinct advantages in the thermal insulation product market, such as: a high compressive strength, low moisture absorbtion rate, wear resistance, dimensional stability and durability.
   GIAS Grafit XPS protects buildings against cold, heat and humidity through its behaviour in extreme pressure and humidity conditions, proving it can withstand the various mechanical efforts that appear in a building during its lifetime. Using GIAS Grafit XPS to thermally insulate a building not only extends the building’s lifetime and maintains its market value in time but more importantly, also greatly improves the indoor climate and conserves energy.


Datorita performantelor sale de bun izolator termic, care este obtinut prin solutiile ce absorb radiatia infrarosie, grosimea panourilor de polistiren extrudat poate fi redusa corespunzator. Asadar polistirenul extrudat GIAS Grafit XPS este deosebit de potrivit si pentru izolarea peretilor realizata la interior, nu numai la exterior, pentru izolarea pardoselilor, a tavanelor, dar este ideal pentru a fi folosit in structura  peretilor de tip sandvis sau pentru eliminarea puntilor termice care apar in zone mai putin generoase cu spatiul. Celulele polistirenului extrudat GIAS Grafit XPS contin aer capturat in interiorul invelisul lor,  ceea ce contribuie la obtinerea calitatilor dovedite ale polistirenului,  cu avantaje deosebite pe piata materialelor termoizolatoare, si anume: rezistenta foarte buna la compesiune, rata scazuta de absorbtie a apei, rezistenta la uzura, stabilitate dimensionala si durabilitate.

GIAS Grafit XPS protejeaza cladirile impotriva frigului, caldurii si umiditatii prin proprietatile sale de a se comporta excelent in conditii de presiune si umiditate, dovedindu-se un material rezistent la uzura si la diversele solicitari mecanice la care sunt supuse structurile pe perioada de exploatare. Termoizolarea cu GIAS Grafit XPS cu siguranta va creste durata de viata a cladirilor, pastrand valoarea acestora in timp, dar si mai important ajutand la obtinerea unui climat interior imbunatatit si la conservarea semnificativa a energiei.