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Choose the right polystyrene for you!

    Everytime a building is being constructed, the builder must choose the most efficient thermal insulation in order to ensure the end users will have a high level of thermal comfort. This is why Briotherm agents and distributors are always standing by to supply thermal insulation for all building needs. Briotherm’s presence all across the country, in builder’s warehouses and retail stores, has driven us to become the leader in the manufacturing and distribution of extruded polystyrene boards on the Romanian market. We manufacture the only polystyrene board containing high compressive strength graphite. We employ over 250 people and our yearly manufacturing capacity exceeds 450,000 cubic meters of extruded polystyrene. We invite you to appraise the quality and diversity of our products!

Gias grafit xps recommended uses

A complete thermal insulation system implies protecting the buildings from the influence of the external factors, regardless of their direction.

Let us start at the bottom.
We all know that the earth is warm. And yet, up to depths varying between 70 and 110 cm in Romania (the so called freezing depth), the earth is greatly influenced by external environmental factors, thereby defining areas with a multitude of temperature ranges that affect a building’s below ground levels, especially in the cold season.

Various degrees of humidity depending on the location of a building can also create undesired effects such as water permeating the building’s foundation. Good thermal insulation is therefore a necessary condition in order to counteract the negative effects of a building’s foundation contact with water and soil.
Due to its excellent wet environment behaviour and its remarkable mechanical strength, the flexibility and ease of use and the possibility of being applied directly on to concrete, GIAS Grafit XPS is the material of choice for the thermal insulation of underground walls, directly on foundations, in general and on footings, as it can be directly installed on open soil without causing problems, thermally insulating ceilings and floors, being recommended for office spaces, retail stores and showrooms.

Other intervening factors must be considered at the higher levels of a building. Whether it is summer or winter we need the indoor temperature to vary within an interval suitable for daily routines. Humidity and rain negatively impact unprotected buildings, permeating them and causing various damages, with the wind amplifying these effects. We are constantly bombarded by rising noise levels but the extruded polystyrene enveloping is an efficient solution for soundproofing. Extruded polystyrene also constitutes an effective fire barrier, having fire retardant properties superior to those of other materials.

GIAS Grafit XPS is especially recommended for the double insulation of exterior walls, enveloping building façades, eliminating thermal bridging and insulating interior walls.
Oftentimes due attention is not given to the thermal insulation of roofs and terraces. Graphite extruded polystyrene’s versatility recommends it to be used in inversed terraced roofs designed for heavy traffic, covered in ceramic tiles or other types of flooring, but also garden type terraces, unaccesible gravel covered terraces and inclined roofs made out of various materials.
There are also extreme special conditions that require high performance thermal insulation such as cold rooms or refrigerated trucks.
Graphite extruded polystyrene has proven its efficiency in various other industrial applications such as large scale prefabricated sandwich wall panels, storage spaces for temperature sensitive materials, insulating farm stables, the protection of mobile units such as first aid points, insulating working spaces, dining spaces, temporary construction site dwellings and it even has military applications.
A fact less known to the general public is the use of special classesof graphite enriched extruded polystyrene in insulating roads and railways from against freezing.


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