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Choose the right polystyrene for you!

    Everytime a building is being constructed, the builder must choose the most efficient thermal insulation in order to ensure the end users will have a high level of thermal comfort. This is why Briotherm agents and distributors are always standing by to supply thermal insulation for all building needs. Briotherm’s presence all across the country, in builder’s warehouses and retail stores, has driven us to become the leader in the manufacturing and distribution of extruded polystyrene boards on the Romanian market. We manufacture the only polystyrene board containing high compressive strength graphite. We employ over 250 people and our yearly manufacturing capacity exceeds 450,000 cubic meters of extruded polystyrene. We invite you to appraise the quality and diversity of our products!

Advantages in using XPS

Advantages in using extruded polystyrene for outdoor wall thermal insulation (in enveloping buildings)

• High compressive strength – will resist horizontal loads
• Due to their dimensional stability the boards are a durable and stable long-term solution, well suited for building fronts
• High traction resistance
• Because it does not absorb water, eventual workmanship faults will not influence the material
• Optimum water vapour diffusion resistance allows trapped humidity to escape
• Homogenous closed-cell structure ensures superior long-term insulation
• Grout and plaster have good adherence to the extruded polysterene
• High adherence by plasters binding with the rough surface of the polystyrene
• Easy application – boards can be cut without producing waste
• No wear, no tear
• Can be installed in almost any weather due to its physical qualities and the simple and rapid labour involved.

  • bax-300

  • bax-500

  • bax-700