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Choose the right polystyrene for you!

    Everytime a building is being constructed, the builder must choose the most efficient thermal insulation in order to ensure the end users will have a high level of thermal comfort. This is why Briotherm agents and distributors are always standing by to supply thermal insulation for all building needs. Briotherm’s presence all across the country, in builder’s warehouses and retail stores, has driven us to become the leader in the manufacturing and distribution of extruded polystyrene boards on the Romanian market. We manufacture the only polystyrene board containing high compressive strength graphite. We employ over 250 people and our yearly manufacturing capacity exceeds 450,000 cubic meters of extruded polystyrene. We invite you to appraise the quality and diversity of our products!


GIAS Grafit XPS extruded polystyrene boards
Recommended for both residential and industrial buildings.

The GIAS Grafit XPS boards are strong and durable, having a large array of uses in building work – for both residential and industrial applications.
GIAS Grafit XPS is the number one material of choice for builders, engineers and architects, being robust and durable, with a high compressive strength and superior thermal performance.
The high-density GIAS Grafit XPS cell structure allows it to be almost completely waterproof. Typical thermal insulators lose their insulation qualities when in contact with water while GIAS Grafit XPS continues to work as designed, without modifications in its functioning parameters. These features recommend it as the most appropriate solution.

Floor insulation: the GIAS Grafit XPS high compressive strength makes it ideal for insulating a wide range of floors and especially those under great loads such as warehouses, production facilities, car parks, etc. The XPS extruded polystyrene boards can take concentrated loads but can also adapt to uneven surfaces with distributed loads, maintaining their dimensional stability. Also important is the pest free feature and their resistance to soil contaminators.
Building insulation: GIAS Grafit XPS is ideal for thermally insulating the exterior walls of a building, from the bottom to the top, with no gaps that allow thermal bridging. The exterior wall insulation leads to the retention of heat, reducing energy losses through foundations even further. GIAS GrafitXPS is suited for use on soils with high or medium permeability but also on impermeable soils, as it has excellent thermal-hydro insulation capabilities. Offering the smallest values for the λ coefficient (0.027),GIAS Grafit XPSwith graphite improves the energy rating of your building and significantly decreases the energy used in maintaining thermal comfort.
Terraced roofs: the GIAS GrafitXPS graphite extruded polystyrene boards are durable, do not rot or decompose. They are installed as an insulation layer on top of the waterproof membrane in order to protect it from inclement weather. Their high compressive strength recommends them for roofs that take heavy loads or constant heavy pedestrian traffic.
Features and benefits:
• Strong and durable, over medium- and long-term
• Extremely light and easy to handle
• High compressive strength
• Low water absorbtion index
• Keeps its thermal insulating properties for a very long time
• Entirely made in Romania
• Environmentally friendly
Available sizes:
• 1250mm (height) x 580mm (width)

Available thicknesses:
• 20mm
• 30mm
• 40mm
• 50mm
• 60mm
• 80mm
• 100mm
• 120mm

Joint shape:
• Edge on edge, for straight edges
• Tongue and groove


  • bax-300

  • bax-500

  • bax-700